Minister visits Clyde Climate Forest site on COP27 Biodiversity Day

The woodland site is one of 8 projects to benefit from the funding boost secured by Green Action Trust.




16 November 2022

The Scottish Government’s Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity, Lorna Slater MSP, today met with some of the partners responsible for delivering the Clyde Climate Forest initiative that will see 18 million trees planted across Glasgow City Region by 2030.

Meeting with representatives of the Clyde Climate Forest and key delivery partner Green Action Trust as she marked COP 27’s Biodiversity Day, the Minister viewed one of the projects that will benefit from a recent funding boost from the Scottish Government to further develop ‘Nature Networks’.

As part of the Clyde Climate Forest, the woodland being planted at Sauchenhall Farm will create one of many strategically important woodland habitat connections in the greater Glasgow area.

(l-r) Max Hislop of Clyde Climate Forest discusses the project with Lorna Slater MSP; James Logue of Sauchenhall Farm; and Gillian Barrie of Green Action Trust

Alongside the Clyde Climate Forest, the Nature Networks funding is supporting a total of eight partnership projects for which Green Action Trust is a key delivery partner. The funding package secured by the Trust is worth £200,000 and will help to create and restore woodlands, wetlands and other habitats across the Central Scotland Green Network.

The eight partnership projects to receive the Nature Networks funding are:

  • Urban tree planting – Clyde Climate Forest: Urban tree planting across the greater Glasgow area to increase canopy cover.
  • Woodland Creation for Connectivity – Clyde Climate Forest: Woodland planting across the greater Glasgow area to create strategically important woodland habitat connections.
  • Dalrymple Community Woodland: Creation of new native woodland, grassland and wetland habitats, working with Dalrymple Community Landscape Group, who lease the site.
  • Cumnock Memories Garden Phase 2: Access and biodiversity enhancements to community greenspace at Mauchline. Project led by Mauchline Community Action Group, who have management responsibility for the site.
  • Polmont WIAT works: Woodland management, access improvement and biodiversity enhancement works within Polmont Woods, led by Falkirk Council.
  • Leven Connectivity project: Habitat connectivity projects as part of the Leven Green Networks workstream, working with the partners of the Leven Programme.
  • Levenmouth Demonstration Raingardens: Development of exemplar biodiverse raingarden features in public realm as part of the Leven Climate Action project, and working with the Leven Programme partnership.
  • Hillhouseridge and Shotts Nature Park Biodiversity improvements: Increasing the biodiversity through the creation of new wetlands, species-rich grasslands, hedgerow and conversion of conifer woodlands to native broadleaves, in partnership with local communities.


Biodiversity Minister, Lorna Slater MSP commented: “As nations mark Biodiversity Day at COP27 and look ahead to the UN’s Biodiversity Conference in Montreal later this year it is clear that nature loss is one of the greatest crises the world is currently facing.

“Scotland’s rich natural environment is an incredible resource but it is vulnerable. Sadly the evidence tells us that we, along with the rest of the UK and the world, has not done enough over the two past decades to prevent the continuing decline in biodiversity.

“That’s why the Scottish Government have increased investment in nature restoration across the country in order to restore our beautiful natural landscape. The Clyde Climate Forest is yet another example of a project which will not only protect local wildlife but allow it to thrive. Initiatives such as the Clyde Climate Forest contribute massively to our ambitious climate targets and a nature positive future.”

James Logue of Sauchenhall Farm, said: “Having already worked with the Green Action Trust to plant over 4,000 trees 12 years ago, it is clear to see and appreciate the benefits to the local environment – not only in terms of wildlife and plant life, but also in improving the banks of the river. I am very happy with the overall improvement to the appearance of the farm so when I heard about the new phase of planting through the Clyde Climate Forest I was keen to get involved!”

Chief Executive of the Green Action Trust, Derek Robertson said: “With the Clyde Climate Forest being announced last June, it is brilliant that just over a year on, the team are already able to demonstrate progress towards the ambitious target of planting 18 million trees by 2030.

“This is hugely important work that will increase woodland cover from Inverclyde to South Lanarkshire and put the entire city region on track to meet net zero targets.

“As a key delivery partner for the Clyde Climate Forest, Green Action Trust is delighted to be supporting this ambition. Coupled with the exciting news that the Trust has recently secured £200,000 through the Nature Networks Fund, we are excited to further our work with forward-thinking landowners like James, along with other partners, communities and local authorities, to create and restore woodlands and wetlands across the Central Scotland Green Network.”

Director of the Clyde Climate Forest, Max Hislop said: “All eight local authorities in Glasgow City Region are committed to delivering the Clyde Climate Forest but we also need communities, businesses and importantly, landowners like James at Sauchenhall to offer up land we can plant trees and woodland on.

“Connecting up woodland across the region will not only help us meet our net zero ambitions, it will link up vital habitats and provide a migratory route north for many vulnerable species as the climate continues to warm.  Help is available for interested landowners from Free Farm Woodland Assessments to Forestry Grants, with more land available for planting we hope to significantly increase tree planting in 2023.”

For further information about the Clyde Climate Forest, visit:

As part of the initiative, free Farm Woodland Assessments are available. To apply, visit