Environmental solutions

Habitat & biodiversity

Protecting and improving habitats for wildlife and people is a national priority. We have been undertaking transformational change with partners across Scotland to deliver an environment where nature can flourish.

What we do

solutions to restore nature

Our expertise can deliver the social, environmental and health benefits of enriched ecosystems. Addressing the biodiversity crisis also brings opportunities to improve outdoor places for people to engage with nature, whether it’s restoring peatlands or creating pollinator corridors that connect across our urban spaces.

Habitat Creation & Enhancement

Establishing habitats that target the recovery of a particular species mix may be the sole focus of a project. However, often this is incorporated into the aims of our greenspace enhancement and woodland initiatives.

Our work includes planting and management plans for woodlands, hedgerows, grasslands, wildflower meadows, wetlands and riparian habitats. We also create open mosaic habitats which benefit a range of species and that incorporate bare ground, short grasslands, hibernacula features, bee banks and bird nesting opportunities.

We work with park managers to alter grassland management regimes to allow the creation of pollinator friendly habitats, to increase and diversify the planting mixes, and support the creation of long term and seasonal wetlands in public parks.

Habitat Restoration

We know how environments work on a landscape scale, how they deliver nature-based solutions and perform essential natural capital functions. This is particularly relevant when it comes to landscape-level projects to restore peatlands and woodlands.

We deliver peatland restoration projects that allow degraded peatland to return to biodiverse, rich carbon sinks that help to address the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change. Our woodland restoration projects deliver similar outcomes.

To do this effectively, these habitats require support, management and often specific interventions. We undertake the right actions for each environment to ensure that nature can flourish to its full potential and deliver multiple benefits for people, wildlife and the Scottish economy.

Connecting habitat networks

Habitat connectivity is an important factor in halting biodiversity loss in Scotland. The creation of habitat or ‘nature’ networks and habitat corridors at a landscape scale helps to address the issue of habitat fragmentation across urban areas, giving species a greater chance of success.

When developing projects, we use online mapping tools and local knowledge, alongside undertaking habitat surveys, to ensure that our projects and programmes enhance habitat connectivity.

We also harness the latest available data, using tools such as NatureScot’s habitat connectivity indicator to proactively identify key areas to target with habitat creation or enhancement work across Scotland.

Featured Project

Boosting biodiversity in shotts

Habitat improvement was just one of several aims of this project in Shotts Nature Park. The existing overgrown pond was opened up, while new seasonal wetland areas were created to attract greater diversity of flora and fauna. Access, signage and drainage were also improved. Read the full case study for more details. 


Existing pond overgrown


New wetland being created


Pond opened up


Richer habitat

Our Services

How to commission us

Whether you need a full end-to-end solution tailored to your project, are looking to commission specialist services, or are seeking a long-term environmental partner, we have a solution for you.

Let us take the strain

We can provide a complete end-to-end solution, from inception to delivery and ongoing evaluation. This puts us in a unique position to help you develop your initial project idea, maximise its potential, and see it through to completion.

Commission our experts

If you’re looking to add expertise or capacity in specialist areas, rather than across a whole project, we can provide services on a stand-alone basis across a number of specialisms.

We can provide key elements of your project, such as contract and grant management, feasibility studies, GIS data analysis and mapping, or any component part of our complete end-to-end solution. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

working longer term for a better future

A great deal of our work is done with long-standing partners, who trust us to advise and deliver on long-term strategies to help achieve big goals on climate, biodiversity and social change.

If you have a vision or long-term objective and need an environmental partner to nurture it over years, not months, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.

Call in the experts

Whether you’re planning a habitat project or need advice on incorporating biodiversity strategies into a site plan, the first step is to speak to us.

Project examples

Our Habitat & Biodiversity Projects

We’ve worked to create, enhance and connect habitats across the country. Browse the gallery for a selection of our work and visit the projects page for more in-depth examples.

Clyde Climate Forest

Delivering a vision to plant 18 million trees in both urban and rural parts of Glasgow City Region over the next decade.

Leven Programme

The Leven Programme is a series of connected projects along the River Leven in Fife, which have the environment, heritage and people at their heart.

Queensland Court, Glasgow

Greenspace creation at Queensland Court, Glasgow. This shows the site during construction of the new raingarden, which we facilitated through a process of community consultation and local events.

Ravenscraig Park

We helped North Lanarkshire Council transform this site from a former steel works into usable greenspace and outdoor recreation facility for local communities.

Zetland Park Raingarden

We adapted and enhanced the Zetland Park Rose Garden by integrating a raingarden into its redevelopment.

Avenue End Road Greenspace Enhancement

We were commissioned by Glasgow City Council to transform an area of vacant and derelict land into a community asset, creating woodland and wetland habitat, a teaching circle and preserving important water vole habitat.

Cart & Kittoch Woodland

Creating a native broadleaf woodland south of Glasgow for local communities to use and to connect woodland habitats across the city.

Central Scotland Green Network

We are responsible for driving the delivery of the CSGN. Covering 10,000 square kilometres and with a 40-year timeframe, this is one of the largest and most ambitious green infrastructure programmes in Europe.

Lionthorn Bing

We transformed this former coal mining spoil heap into a vibrant community greenspace, where people and nature can thrive.

Glendevon Drive Greenspace

Making the greenspace along Glendevon Drive more climate resilient and turning it into a more welcoming park space for the local community.

Crossmill Weir Removal

Opening up the Levern Water for migratory fish, improving the river’s physical condition and ecological status.

Shotts Nature Park

Enhancing biodiversity and improving accessibility in this popular outdoor space in North Lanarkshire.

Kilmacolm Community Woodland

Our aim is to work with the community to create a woodland site that can be enjoyed by all and remains a haven for wildlife.

Rannoch Park

We are working with Falkirk Council and Inner Forth Futures to make Rannoch Park more climate resilient and welcoming for the local community.

Polmont Woodlands

This project for Falkirk Council aims to improve the resilience, amenity, and conservation value of woodlands across the Polmont area.

Black Moss Nature Park

West Lothian Council commissioned us to manage and improve the woodlands and peatland in this nature park in Armadale.

Lionthorn Bing

We transformed this former coal mining spoil heap into a vibrant community greenspace, where people and nature can thrive.

Central Scotland Green Network

We are responsible for driving the delivery of the CSGN. Covering 10,000 square kilometres and with a 40-year timeframe, this is one of the largest and most ambitious green infrastructure programmes in Europe.


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