Positive change through environmental regeneration

We work with a range of public, non-profit and private partners across Scotland to turn environmental policy into tangible change, building more sustainable communities and a greener country.

What we do

Our environmental solutions

We have been planning and delivering nature based solutions for nearly 40 years. Whether you need help creating greenspace, managing woodlands, or are looking to unlock the potential of your land assets to meet net zero, biodiversity, or ESG targets, we have a solution to match your ambitions.

Urban Greenspace

We create, enhance and increase access to greenspace to benefit health, wellbeing and the natural environment.

Woodland & Forestry

Our forestry experts coordinate woodland planting and management at any scale, and can help to develop your full woodland strategy.

Vacant & Derelict Land

By transforming these sites, we reverse their negative impacts and bring about positive social and environmental change.

Green Active Travel

We take an integrated approach to developing and linking active travel routes that help to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises while delivering health benefits.

Sustainable water management

We use nature-based solutions to mitigate flood risk and channel water for positive uses, from river catchment-scale strategies to community raingardens.

Habitats & Biodiversity

Improving habitats also benefits people’s health and wellbeing. Our work includes restoring, creating and connecting habitat networks, wetlands, peatland and pollinator corridors.

Our expertise

Turning policy into action

Our work helps to build a better, more sustainable future for Scotland. At a planning level, we do this through support for national and local policy development, which helps the Scottish Government and partners ensure that future economic and social development has sustainable environmental regeneration at its heart.

We put policies into practice, helping partners take decisive steps to address the twin crises of climate emergency and biodiversity loss by delivering physical interventions on the ground. These projects make progress towards net zero, carbon sequestration and habitat restoration targets.

Through our experience and involvement in the development and actioning of policy areas such as Placemaking, 20-Minute Neighbourhoods and Nature Networks, we help our clients and partners to develop projects that align with current policy, will secure funding, and have the greatest chance of creating positive, long-term impacts.

Learn more about how we turn policies into action through our environmental solutions, services and charitable mission.

Featured Project

greenspace enhancement, falkirk

Watch the video to see how we helped Falkirk Council transform an area of previously vacant and derelict land into an accessible and biodiverse community greenspace.

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Lionthorn Bing

The site of a former coal mining spoil heap, this area had been neglected for decades. Discover how we worked with Falkirk Council and the Scottish Government’s Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme to deliver a wide range of outcomes, from enabling local access to boosting biodiversity.

Our Services

How to commission us

Whether you need a full end-to-end solution tailored to your project, are looking to commission specialist services, or are seeking a long-term environmental partner, we can help you.

Let us take the strain

We can provide a complete end-to-end solution, from inception to delivery and ongoing evaluation. This puts us in a unique position to help you develop your initial project idea, maximise its potential, and see it through to completion.

Commission our experts

If you’re looking to add expertise or capacity in specialist areas, rather than across a whole project, we can provide services on a stand-alone basis across a number of specialisms.

We can provide key elements of your project, such as contract and grant management, feasibility studies, GIS data analysis and mapping, or any component part of our complete end-to-end solution. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

working longer term for a better future

A great deal of our work is done with long-standing partners, who trust us to advise and deliver on long-term strategies to help achieve big goals on climate, biodiversity and social change.

If you have a vision or long-term objective and need an environmental partner to nurture it over years, not months, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.