Our projects

When planning a new project, it helps to see previous examples. Here you’ll find a selection of our current works in progress, completed projects, and partnership programmes.

Our work

Making an impact across Scotland

We’ve planned and delivered hundreds of environmental regeneration projects across Scotland, from community woodlands to national developments. Use the links below to find a selection of examples of our work.

what we're working on now

Our current roster of projects includes a variety of interventions and scales, from creating woodlands to connecting communities to greenspace.

We are typically working on up to 20 projects at any given time. Browse a selection of our works in progress on our ‘live projects’ page.

Examples of our work

With four decades of environmental regeneration under our belt, we have delivered hundreds of projects in Scotland.

We have highlighted a selection of our more recent work, covering a variety of themes, on our ‘completed projects’ page.

Our partnership programmes

We act as lead partner on a number of large scale partnership programmes and participate in an advisory or delivery capacity on others.

Learn more about our role in delivering some of the most impactful environmental programmes in the country.

Our Services

How to commission us

Whether you need a full end-to-end solution tailored to your project, are looking to commission specialist services, or are seeking a long-term environmental partner, we can help you.

Let us take the strain

We can provide a complete end-to-end solution, from inception to delivery and ongoing evaluation. This puts us in a unique position to help you develop your initial project idea, maximise its potential, and see it through to completion.

Commission our experts

If you’re looking to add expertise or capacity in specialist areas, rather than across a whole project, we can provide services on a stand-alone basis across a number of specialisms.

We can provide key elements of your project, such as contract and grant management, feasibility studies, GIS data analysis and mapping, or any component part of our complete end-to-end solution. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

working longer term for a better future

A great deal of our work is done with long-standing partners, who trust us to advise and deliver on long-term strategies to help achieve big goals on climate, biodiversity and social change.

If you have a vision or long-term objective and need an environmental partner to nurture it over years, not months, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.