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Central Scotland Green Network

We are responsible for driving the delivery of the Central Scotland Green Network, creating positive change for those areas that need it most across central Scotland.

The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) is one of the largest environmental projects of its kind in Europe. More than just a ‘Green’ initiative, it is designed to support, link up and build on existing partnerships and programmes with the objective of improving the social, physical, cultural, and environmental wellbeing of central Scotland.

Our role is to engage individuals and organisations to support and deliver the CSGN vision. Our principal aim is to add value, and through delivery, create change.

The CSGN is changing the face of central Scotland, by restoring and transforming the landscape of an area stretching from Ayrshire and Inverclyde in the west, to Fife and the Lothians in the east. It is a national development within the National Planning Framework, which aims to make “a significant contribution to Scotland’s sustainable economic development”. It involves public agencies and stakeholders working together to align their policies, programmes and actions to achieve a common aim.

To achieve this ambitious vision for central Scotland, we work to:

  • drive forward and coordinate the delivery of the CSGN
  • raise awareness of, and participation in, the CSGN
  • provide support and capacity to others delivering the CSGN
  • identify spatial and thematic needs to help target resources
  • directly deliver with stakeholders projects on the ground

For more information, visit the Central Scotland Green Network website and for details of the CSGN plan, view our Delivery Plan for 2020-2030 (CSGN DP30).

If you would like to find out more about our work to deliver the ambitions of the Central Scotland Green Network, please contact emilie.wadsworth@greenactiontrust.org

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