Faifley Knowes Public Consultation




23 April 2021


West Dunbartonshire Council and Green Action Trust are working together to develop plans and secure funding for a range of access and environmental improvements in Faifley Knowes.

Over the past few years, the path network on this much-loved site has deteriorated and a significant amount of work and money is now required to bring about improvements that local people want.

Proposed improvements to the site include:

  • Re-surfacing paths, improving drainage and cutting back overgrown and encroaching vegetation
  • Extending the hard surface tar paths from residential areas to the shops on Glasgow Road
  • Removing 2 flights of steps to improve access
  • Replacing or fixing bridges
  • Signage and entrance improvements
  • Thinning out areas of woodland and shelterbelts to create a more open feel and to preserve the long-term health of the woodland
  • Planting new areas of woodland for seasonal colour, shelter from the weather and wildlife
  • Removal of dead or damaged trees and invasive plants such as laurel and Japanese knotweed
  • Removal of rubbish and fly-tipping

It has been estimated that around £175,000 is needed to carry out the improvements. Funding still needs to be secured to carry out the work but demonstrating strong public support for the improvements will help to convince potential funders that the area is worth investing in.

Partners are also keen to hear public views about creating a new community woodland on the area of unused land beside Douglas Muir Road. The location and designs for the new woodland is detailed in the map below.

Given the number of informal pathways, this area is clearly used by local people so partners would like to turn this area into a community woodland to make it a more attractive place for people and wildlife. Plans include planting native broadleaved and conifer trees to provide seasonal interest, colour and provide shelter, formalising entrances to make the site more welcoming and installing a seating area at the highest point so people can enjoy the spectacular views.

At present both plans are just proposals so your thoughts and any other suggestions you may have for access and environmental improvements at each site are welcome. Plans for both sites and a questionnaire are available online at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FaifleyKnowes.

Please spread the word as we are keen to get as many views as possible to make sure we deliver the improvements that people want and to prove to funders that the plans have community support. This is crucial in enabling us to secure funding to carry out the work.

If you would like to discuss the proposals in more detail please contact Linda McConaghie from the Green Action Trust at [email protected]