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John Muir Way

Our work on this project is to promote the John Muir Way as a key tourism asset linked to the area’s natural and cultural heritage, in order to achieve a greater share of the large and growing market for walking and cycling tourism and recreation – and the associated economic benefits.

As one of Scotland’s Great Trails, running 134 miles coast to coast across central Scotland, The John Muir Way presents both a unique outdoor experience and a fantastic growth opportunity for local businesses and attractions along the route.

More footfall on the route will create opportunities for business growth and development, which in turn will contribute to stronger and more sustainable local economies, and improved facilities for visitors and communities alike.

The project will lay the groundwork for an integrated approach to promoting the John Muir Way – where the business offering is developed and promoted in tandem with the route. Our work is supported by funding from LEADER and Scottish Enterprise.

Now in phase two, we are working to:

  • develop a more sustainable financial model for managing the John Muir Way
  • develop the values and potential of the JMW brand
  • increase footfall and benefit to businesses
  • collect up to date information on route usage, spend and user profiles

If you would like to find out more about our work on the John Muir Way, please contact elaine.macintosh@greenactiontrust.org . For more information visit www.johnmuirway.org.

John Muir Way
John Muir Way
John Muir Way
John Muir Way