Lochshore Woodland Creation




11 November 2021

Feedback requested for proposed new woodland at the Lochshore Park.

Green Action Trust is leading on work to create an area of new woodland at the north of the Lochshore site, where we hope to plant around 10ha of new native woodland. The woodland will be planted with mostly native broadleaf species like Oak, Birch and Rowan. It will also include a range of other native species like Hazel, Wild Cherry and Hawthorn that will add interest and colour and even foraging opportunities.

This type of woodland will link well into those woodlands already found in the wider landscape and in time, will create an attractive space for people to use and enjoy. It will also greatly enhance the biodiversity found here providing food and shelter for a huge variety of wildlife. These proposals are an important phase 1 project for the wider development of the Lochshore site into a parkland destination.

Some images to illustrate how the woodland might look over time:

Newly Planted Woodland
Woodland After 5 Years
Woodland After 10 – 15 Years
Mature Broadleaf Woodland

In order to protect the young trees the woodland will be surrounded by deer fencing to protect it from grazing pressure and to allow the woodland to establish. Public access will continue to be possible in and around the woodland while it grows and there will be paths and glades (open areas) designed within it.

Example of Deer Fencing

Some woodland planted on the boundary and at the northern entrance to the site, will not be deer fenced, but will be protected by tree guards instead. This will create an attractive green buffer along the road and between any possible future housing developed within the wider site.

There will be opportunities for the community to get involved perhaps by helping to plant it or maintain it in the longer term. We’d like to know your thoughts on the draft proposal below and on how you’d like to be involved, so please email [email protected] by 14 January 2022.

Lochshore Woodland Consultation Map