NatureScot’s 4-year vision a launchpad for biodiversity and climate action

Last week NatureScot laid out its priorities to address the biodiversity and climate crises.




11 April 2022

Last week NatureScot laid out its priorities to reverse the decline in Scotland’s biodiversity and help achieve the country’s net-zero ambitions in its Corporate Plan for 2022-2026.

Under the headings of Protect, Restore and Value, the plan sets the scene for organisations, communities and individuals to come together to restore nature.

The Green Action Trust welcomes wholeheartedly the commitments set out in the plan, along with the ambition to switch to a ‘nature positive’ gear by 2030. We are also pleased to be working in partnership with NatureScot to deliver on these commitments.

In fact, much of the ambition stated in the corporate plan can – and will – be reinforced through even greater focus on the delivery of the Central Scotland Green Network and other National Developments in NPF4.

Commenting on the plan, Green Action Trust CEO Derek Robertson said:

“This new vision from NatureScot is timely and welcome. Meeting these ambitions will be no small task but I am optimistic about what we can achieve by working in partnership with NatureScot and others to turn around Scotland’s biodiversity crisis and address climate change.”