Live project

Polmont Woodlands Phase 3

The third phase of this project for Falkirk Council focuses on improving access and amenity at two further woodland sites in the Polmont area.


Client: Falkirk Council

Green Action Trust has been working with Falkirk Council over the last few years to manage and develop its woodland portfolio, following community consultation exercises in 2018.

The work to improve a number of sites across the Polmont area has been planned across 3 phases. Phases 1 & 2 were completed in 2022 and 2023.

The current phase 3 is now under way and this page focuses on this live project phase, being delivered in 2024.

Phase 3 will deliver woodland management and improved access at 2 sites: Polmont Woods and the woodlands around Station Road. The initial woodland management work is planned to take place in August/September 2024, with the path and other site improvements scheduled for October – December 2024.

Aims & objectives

environmental outcomes

The project aims to deliver multiple outcomes, across these key areas:


Woodland Management

Through a mix of height reduction and removal of dangerous trees; tree thinning and new native woodland planting.


Access to Greenspace

Improvements made include new path links through the woods; resurfacing of existing paths; new signage and seating.


Habitat & Biodiversity

Native habitats are being restored through removal of non-native plant species and planting of new native woodlands.

Polmont woodlands

The TWO Phase 3 Sites

Polmont Woods

Parts of the existing path network will be re-surfaced as shown on the map. There will also be new signage to mark routes and provide interpretation on the Antonine Wall and the site.

Woodland management work will focus on thinning woodland and controlling invasive rhododendron plants to create a better woodland for wildlife.

Station Road Woodlands

The main piece of work at these woodlands will see the removal of non-native conifers from the woodland, including the road edge. These trees are becoming large and posing a risk to nearby roads and houses. Their replacement with native trees will, in the long term, provide an improved woodland for wildlife.

A new path is proposed for the northern area of the woodlands, creating an off road route to allow the community to enjoy the woodlands and natural environment.

Managing the woodlands

The areas of woodland planted 10-15 years ago in Polmont Woods will be thinned. This is a valuable part of woodland management that gives the remaining trees space to grow without competition from other trees, to be more resilient to strong winds, as well as allowing light through to the woodland floor to other plants.

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