Completed project

Wishawhill Wood Pump Track

Transforming vacant and derelict land into a world-class cycling pump track for the Craigneuk community.

Client and funding

Client: North Lanarkshire Council

We were commissioned by North Lanarkshire Council to plan and deliver the regeneration of this patch of VDL in Craigneuk, near Wishaw.

Project funding was sourced through the Scottish Government’s Vacant and Derelict Land Fund.

We worked in partnership with stakeholders including Socialtrack and Craigneuk Community Council to gather local input and work up the proposal and we contract managed the construction works, which were supplied by VeloSolutions.

Total Project Spend: £295,610

What was achieved

environmental outcomes

The project delivered multiple outcomes, across these key areas:


Vacant & Derelict Land

The previously VDL registered site has been transformed from a place for rubbish dumping and anti-social behaviour into a positive, thriving facility.


Improving Health & Wellbeing

The pump track provides a place for exercise and a focal point for young people, fostering a greater sense of community.

About the project

The pump track site occupies a previously empty space behind the railway line on land owned by North Lanarkshire Council, which had been derelict for 20 years before we identified it as having potential to be transformed into a positive community resource.

In collaboration with the social enterprise Socialtrack, we put forward a proposal to construct a world-class bike pump track on the site. The project aimed to curb anti-social behaviour in the vicinity and provide a positive outlet for local young people.

Since 2018 when the pump track was opened, it has supported a wider network of cycling development within schools and communities through Socialtrack’s outreach work. The community council has seen very positive impacts on young people and the track has become a good news story for Craigneuk, including being the location for the 2019 UK round of the World Pump Track Championships.

Wider benefits include the reduction of fire-raising previously associated with the site and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service reported a saving of around £2,000 from every incident they would otherwise have had to attend.

Wishawhill Wood

Transforming the site


Unloved and derelict


Under construction


A fantastic facility

In Use

A place to meet and have fun

Working with the community

Our development of this project involved a high level of stakeholder and community consultation, to ensure we were delivering a facility of real value to residents.

Over 100 people completed a consultation questionnaire about the project and 70% of respondents were extremely positive about the idea, saying it was “absolutely brilliant”, whilst another 39 people also gave signatures of support at the consultations.

With positive feedback from the community, the project was developed on behalf of North Lanarkshire Council, with involvement of the wider community through Craigneuk Community Council to build local support.

During its development phase, several special considerations were given to ensure the track could be widely used, including installing lights so that it can be ridden in the evening and installing a CCTV camera for additional security.