Transforming Scotland’s Approach to Vacant and Derelict Land




1 October 2020

The Green Action Trust is set to take a lead role delivering on recommendations launched today by the Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce.

The legacy of Scotland’s industrial past means that almost a third of the Scottish population lives within 500 meters of a derelict site. In deprived communities that figure increases to 55%. Bringing abandoned and unloved urban places back into productive use could help us tackle climate change, improve health and wellbeing, create more resilient communities and rebuild our economy in a way that helps everyone achieve their full potential.

The Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce has now made 13 recommendations designed to bring Scotland’s legacy of derelict urban land back into productive use in ways that will support a fair and green recovery, and reform the policy environment to make sure that this never happens again.

The Green Action Trust fully supports the recommendations from the Taskforce and will take a lead role in the development of the proposed green infrastructure investment programme and work with site owners to develop productive green uses for vacant and derelict land sites. We also will continue to work with Scottish Government to reform the vacant and derelict land register and help remove naturalised sites from the register.

The recommendations cover better use of data, land as part of the circular economy, supporting delivery through funding, stopping the flow of vacant and derelict sites, and tackling the legacy. The full recommendations can be viewed on the Scottish Land Commission’s website:

For more information on how the Green Action Trust can work with you to transform derelict land, email [email protected]