VIBES video released featuring Green Action Trust award

Watch the video to learn more about the work that led to our VIBES Hydro Nation Award.


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9 March 2023

Back in November, the Green Action Trust received the Hydro Nation Award at the 2022 VIBES Scottish Environment Business Awards. We are delighted that VIBES has followed up the awards with a case study video featuring the Trust. Watch the video to learn more about what led to the award and hear from our Operations Director, Emilie Wadsworth.

Watch the video

About the Hydro Nation Award

This award recognises partnerships and collaborations that have developed innovative products, practices or services in the area of water treatment and technology, which have resulted in increased sustainability. The judges for this award were particularly impressed with our 10,000 Raingardens for Scotland project and the installation of our own demonstrator raingarden at our premises, pictured below. You can read more about the creation of our raingarden here.