Wee Forests to make big impact on community in Glasgow Southside

We’re delivering three Wee Forests in Glasgow with communities and partners; join us to plant them.




3 March 2022

Young people and communities surrounding Shawhill Park on Rossendale Road, Queens Park Recreation Ground and Towerside Crescent next to Crookston Castle, are being given the opportunity to connect with nature by planting and caring for their own ‘Wee Forest’ in their neighbourhoods.

Around 1,800 native trees will be planted by ‘Wee Foresters’ in three areas the size of tennis courts. Capable of attracting over 500 animal and plant species within the first three years, the forests will be looked after by volunteer Tree Keeper Teams and nearby schools will use them for outdoor learning.

The Glasgow Southside Wee Forests are part of a £500K Scottish Government funded project, led by NatureScot in partnership with Earthwatch, which sees schools and local communities planting 20 Wee Forests across the country this winter and spring.

The Wee Forests being planted in Glasgow Southside this March are being delivered by the Green Action Trust, in partnership with Glasgow City Council. Local communities and schools, including St Conval’s Primary School, Crookston Castle Primary School and Battlefield Primary School, will help plant the forests and take part in citizen science activities to raise awareness of climate change and the value of urban trees. This will include monitoring the butterflies that use the forests, calculating the amount of carbon captured and measuring the impact that trees have on slowing down the run-off from rainstorms.

If you would like to volunteer or become a Tree Keeper to help with the long-term monitoring of the forests, please email [email protected].

Join the Green Action Trust at one of our 2022 planting events in Glasgow

To come along and help plant a Wee Forest, simply sign up via our Eventbrite page or via the event links below:


Karen Morrison, NatureScot Wee Forests Project Officer, said:

“It’s wonderful to see Glasgow’s network of Wee Forests expanding across the city. These three new forests will bring many benefits to the people of Glasgow Southside. They’re great places to enjoy spending time in nature, with all the mental and physical benefits that brings, as well as to learn about plants and wildlife. They also help tackle nature loss and climate change, contributing to Scotland’s tree planting targets. We hope that over the years, these Wee Forests will become places communities will treasure.”

Ujwala Fernandes, Project Manager for the Connecting Pollokshaws project, said:

“It’s great that a Wee Forest is coming to Shawhill Park in Pollokshaws. It will help to raise awareness of climate change and provide the local community with a great opportunity to reconnect with nature and get involved in the planting, care and monitoring of their Wee Forest. It will also provide multiple benefits for the local school children and encourage them to learn about the importance of trees and forests in fighting climate change, as well as connect them with their local green spaces.”

Douglas Worrall, Director of Service Delivery, Green Action Trust said:

“Green Action Trust is delighted to be creating these Wee Forests. Working in partnership with Glasgow City Council and NatureScot we hope these woods will become important and valued greenspace resources for their local communities.”

Councillor Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, Glasgow City Council, said:

“We are delighted to assist with the expansion of the Wee Forest projects across the City. As we look to meet our objectives of our Climate Plan, exciting projects such as this, in the heart of our communities, will ensure we continue to improve our environment while providing opportunities for our communities to actively participate in climate related activities.”