Wyndford Park, Kirkhill, Broxburn – Community Consultation




20 August 2021

West Lothian Council is working with Green Action Trust to enhance the greenspace of Wyndford Park which lies off Wyndford Avenue, Park Terrace and Cleghorn Drive between Broxburn and Uphall. Your feedback on prioritising proposals to improve Wyndford Park are now sought.

A draft design has been drawn up which incorporates comments from the initial community consultation and proposals to improve accessibility to, and around the park, increase biodiversity on site, provide a new kick-about pitch and improve drainage. The proposed park plan and further details for the park enhancements are included below.

The existing entrance point from Park Terrace will be retained. A new entrance from Park Terrace is also proposed which leads you into the existing woodland area in the north of the park. An additional four entrance points off Wyndford Avenue and Cleghorn Drive are proposed including one which cuts through the existing bund in the south-west corner improving access for those coming from the south. All these entrances link into tar paths which would create a circular path around the park. This will create a route which allows park users to move around the site without having to cross the grass which is uneven and often very wet. A secondary path, with a more informal surface, is proposed through the existing woodland for people to enjoy the trees and shade of this area. This would link into the tar path network.

Additional trees are proposed to create new habitat on the eastern fringe of the existing woodland. Different tree species will provide future shelter for birds, animals, and insects as well as changing colours and variety. It is proposed that young plants will be used to create the extended woodland.

Mature tree specimens are proposed to landscape the park and create interest with height and structure as well as seasonal colour. A variety of bulbs are proposed for planting in the grass around the trees for additional colour and interest.

The existing grass on the eastern side of the park is also proposed for planting with a variety of spring and early summer bulbs. This will attract insects seeking pollen, nectar, and shelter amongst the improved habitat as well as many months of colourful flowers.

A new raingarden is proposed on the south-eastern corner of the park to create a natural drainage point and seasonal habitat for plants that can live in wetter ground conditions for a short period of time. This will manage the boggy site conditions often found in this corner of the park and increase habitat and improve biodiversity on site.

A new level kick-about pitch is proposed to replace the sloping playing surface. This will consist of two goal posts with artificial surfacing in front of each one to improve the informal play opportunities already on site.

New seats are proposed at various positions around the site for park-users to enjoy the improved greenspace or rest as you climb Wyndford Avenue. These will be all weather benches made of metal.

Your feedback is sought on these proposals to complete the design of the new park. Please complete the Survey Monkey questionnaire here by midnight on Sunday 12th September to help design your greenspace.