Work begins at Glenmanor Greenspace project

The project in Moodiesburn is getting underway to turn an area of derelict land into a community asset.


Urban Greenspace, Vacant & Derelict Land


20 June 2023

A new greenspace improvement project at Glenmanor, Moodiesburn is about to get underway to turn an area of derelict land into a community asset. The project has been developed by Green Action Trust on behalf of North Lanarkshire Council, and has been designed to create a series of spaces close to Glenmanor Primary School that can be used for teaching, play and relaxation, accessible by all residents.

Three areas of the site will improved:

  • The west part of the site, which currently acts as a local short-cut, will have a properly surfaced path and the remaining area will be taken on by volunteers to improve in terms of natural habitat.
  • The north-east part of the site is currently used as a drop-off area for the primary school and this will be better laid out with a central path and improvements to the wall and edges of the area for safety and a more finished feel.
  • The third area will have the most interesting new features. This zone will have a new sensory path surrounding a natural play area, with boulders and logs inside a path laid out with coloured and textured tiles. There will also be a new teaching and seating location suitable for the older school children to use and the community to meet and chat. This will be in addition to the existing area known as ‘The Base’, which will be cleaned up.
Sketch of the ‘sensory path’ being built at Glenmanor

In addition, around these three sites and the drop-off area, the overgrown scrub, old fencing, broken down wall and rubble will be cleaned up, repaired and set down to trees and wildflowers to make it a much more attractive location, and easier for the volunteers to manage in the future.

We will be managing construction works on site from 26th June 2023 and expect the works to last 12 weeks.

Inevitably there will be some disruption while works take place with the drop-off zone and current path to the school having to be temporarily closed, although with most of the works taking place over the school holiday, it is hoped the disruption will be minimised.

The project has been developed along with the school’s Parent Council and Cloudberry Communities, a local community enterprise that will take on the management of the site once the work is finished.

The project has been funded by the Scottish Government’s Vacant and Derelict Land Improvement Programme, North Lanarkshire Council and by funding for the Central Scotland Green Network.

Further details on the design and layout of the site can be viewed by clicking on the image below:

Any queries relating to the project can be emailed to [email protected]