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We work to plan for a better, more sustainable future for Scotland. We do that through support for national and local policy development which help the Scottish Government and partners ensure that future economic and social development has sustainable environmental regeneration at its heart.

To discuss how our experienced policy team can support your environmental regeneration outcomes, email emilie.wadsworth@greenactiontrust.org

National and local policy development

We have extensive experience of working with partners ranging from Scottish Government, local authorities, public agencies and communities to develop, support, disseminate and promote environmental regeneration policy. We know that to deliver positive change for the future we need to plan ahead and create a policy environment which ensures that action to deliver positive outcomes is encouraged and focused on key outcomes for our country.

Our policy work includes:

  • Working with the Scottish Government on national policy development
  • Supporting regional and local policy development, including developing frameworks for city and growth deals
  • Providing organisations with guidance on incorporating or aligning with national policy
  • Policy analysis and dissemination
  • Sharing best practice advice

To discuss how we can work with you to develop a local or national policy framework which encourages positive environmental regeneration outcomes, email emilie.wadsworth@greenactiontrust.org

National and local policy development

Strategic planning

We are focussed on environmental and regeneration outcomes for Scotland. To set the right framework for individual initiatives to flourish requires a strategic plan that is facilitative and makes practical actions possible. That’s our key planning skill.

With our support, our partners have been able to develop, design, fund and manage strategically important projects that have delivered environmental improvements, bolstered local communities and delivered wider societal benefits.

Our strategic planning work includes:

  • Supporting the Scottish Government, local authorities, agencies and other partners to deliver action plans aligned with national/regional policy
  • Developing and managing the CSGN Delivery Plan and spatial blueprint
  • Developing:
    • climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies
    • open space strategies
    • forest and woodland strategies
    • local food growing strategies
    • active travel strategies
    • community development and capacity building strategies

To discuss how we can work with you on your strategic planning objectives, email emilie.wadsworth@greenactiontrust.org

Strategic planning