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Rannoch Park

We are working with Falkirk Council and Inner Forth Futures to make Rannoch Park more climate resilient and welcoming for the local community.


Improving the park

Rannoch Park in Grangemouth has been short-listed as a suitable greenspace for improvement works that will support the delivery of the Climate FORTH (Furthering Our Resilience Through Heritage) project by Inner Forth Futures (IFF).

In our role as an IFF delivery partner and acting on behalf of Falkirk Council, we are currently seeking the local community’s views on a set of proposed interventions at Rannoch Park, which focus on reducing the impacts of heavy rainfall and supporting climate adaptation and resilience.

About the proposed interventions

environmental outcomes

This project has the potential to deliver multiple outcomes at Rannoch Park across these key areas:


URBAN Greenspace


Habitat & Biodiversity


Woodland & Forestry

water management-02

Sustainable Water Management

Click to view an extract of the initial scoping exercise.

Community Engagement

We would like to gather feedback on the proposals from local residents and users of Rannoch Park. In summary, the project will focus on reducing the impacts of heavy rainfall and supporting climate adaptation and resilience by:

  • Strengthening the environmental buffer between the park and roads to the southern edge with woodland expansion to mitigate negative impacts of noise/air pollution, reduce visual movement of vehicles and reduce flood extent area
  • New orchard planting
  • Addition of a wetland scraping in the western part of the site to accommodate surface water flooding and additional habitat
  • Provide more diversity in planting and seasonal interest


The original scoping exercise was conducted on behalf of Inner Forth Futures. To view an extract of the initial plans in detail, click on the image.

To share your views on the plans for Rannoch Park, please complete our survey by 7th January 2024.