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10,000 Raingardens

10,000 Raingardens for Scotland is a project working towards increasing the number of raingardens across Scotland.

Raingardens are areas of plants and vegetation designed to absorb water and reduce the likelihood or severity of flooding and help to protect our rivers and waterways. They capture rainwater which runs off hard surfaces and then slowly release it back into our drains.

The 10,000 Raingardens for Scotland campaign is designed to promote and encourage the use of raingardens as a sustainable and natural way to manage water, particularly in urban areas. It will also support the creation of wildlife friendly, accessible greenspace, reduce pollution, and provide attractive places for people to visit.

Our work to increase the number of raingardens will:

  • Offer a way to create attractive, sustainable places, which deliver on the Scottish Government’s qualities of successful places
  • Help deal with many issues gardens in new developments can face such as poor drainage
  • Present them as an opportunity for show garden developments
  • Promote the fact that they are a cost effective and practical environmental regeneration project

If you are a developer, installing small scale green infrastructure features in each plot within a development will help give it the qualities of a successful place. It is also a way of demonstrating that account has been taken of the green infrastructure considerations highlighted in the Scottish Government’s Green Infrastructure: Design and Placemaking guide when creating a master plan.

If you would like to develop bespoke raingardens for your community or development, please contact emilie.wadsworth@greenactiontrust.org.

10000 Raingardens
10000 Raingardens